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with 2.141

While the basic style of a flip flop remained the same-a flat footed sandal with one strap around one of the toes-there were variations on the basic theme,. Some ancient cultures placed the strap around the big toe while others used the second or the middle toe.  The Japanese developed a form of the sandal called the "Zori" which they used in teaching children how to walk. Modern forms of this woven flip flop appeared on the beaches of New Zealand in the early 20th century.

Flip flops will continue to be used in one way or another. They can function as informal or formal accessories, depending upon the occasion, and are appropriate for people in all classes of society. Whether you decide to use them as expensive fashion statements or just to flop around the house, flip flops are a versatile and durable form of footwear that are here to stay.

Zoris continued in prominence as a key catalyst for introducing flip flops into common culture, beginning in World War II when soldiers brought them back as keepsakes, and then after the Korean War when rubber versions of the sandals were brought back by soldiers as well. From that time in the 1950's on, flip flops became part of the rage in popular culture as their construction and durability made them usable as common footwear.

As with blue jeans, which started out as informal attire worn in public and gradually attracted the attention of fashion designers, flip flops have evolved into fashion statements of their own. Dressier versions of the sandals such as the British Havaianas have some gold studded versions of the footwear,cheap apple iphone 5, and other styles are made of leather and suede and are decked with jewels. Hollywood's stars and supermodels have been known to wear these dressier, more expensive versions to premier events and there are also flip flops created for men, and those for brides to be as well.

Online T-shirt design shop Threadless is once again the most popular brand on Twitter with 2.146,194 followers, followed closely by US brand TOMS, with 2.141,036 followers. Just like on Facebook, Victoria's Secret scores high on Twitter. With over 2 million followers, the lingerie brand is good for third place.

Given the status accorded these ancient shoes, it might be assumed that only the finest materials were always used, however this was not always the case with these sandals worn throughout history. While today's flip flops are usually made of rubber construction, different cultures created flip flops using varied materials such as papyrus,cheap iphone 4s for sale, palm leaves,wholesale dell alienware, rice,discount iphone 4s, raw hide, canvas and wood, to name a few. The materials used were simply an extension of the culture's available textile and agricultural supply. Egypt would most likely use papyrus while Rome would use leather to create sturdy flip flips that military generals could wear. In addition to social status, flip flops provided protection and a defense against diseases easily transmitted through contact with the soil.

The rubber soled thong sandals known as flip-flops-referred to as jandals or slippers in some other cultures-- have existed in one way or another for over 6,000 years, although the vernacular term "flip flop" attributed to them is of recent lineage, and is actually a trademark term owned by a German company who produces them in their product line. The precursor to the modern flip flop dates back to ancient cultures, where Egyptians wore these thong shoes as a sign of royalty and privilege, with some women decking their particular sandals with jewels and Pharaohs wearing a style of the sandals that were turned up slightly more than those worn by the common man. Depictions of this footwear can be found in ancient Egyptian cave paintings. Footwear in many early cultures was a sign of rank and position in society, and flip flops were certainly no exception.

Jeans label Levi's is rapidly closing in on the top three and jumped from tenth to fifth place last year with 17.8 million fans. Louis Vuitton is another big climber. Within just one year,, the fashion house moved from the 24th position to the ninth with 13.4 million likes.
The highest listed newcomer is Vans. With 10.9 million fans, the brand now occupies 13th place on the FashionUnited Facebook Index.

After flip flops entered popular culture soon everyone was seen sporting these inexpensive styles of footwear,were allegedly paid through its customs broker, regardless of individual status in society. California in particular made flip flops prevalent on the beaches and as more and more people wore them eventually the flip flop craze spread across the nation. They continued as a largely informal style of footwear worn by everyone, and because of their inexpensive construction proved to be ideal for people in developing countries as well,cheap iphone 5 for sale, often selling for less than $1 and in some cases being constructed from disposable materials such as recycled tires.

Victoria's Secret's little sister, Victoria Secret Pink, had a hard time keeping up with its competition and was forced to relinquish four places. Abercrombie & Fitch, however, dropped the furthest. The Facebook page featuring pictures of buffed men was clearly not as in demand this year as it fell from 15th to 22nd place with 7.5 million likes.

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