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with luxurious linings of silk

The Danilo Gabrielli brand is a high end fashion label based in NYC founded by Italian designer, Danilo Gabrielli. Danilo Gabrielli’s mission is to design beautiful, timeless designs for women that allow them to feel elegant and confident while being guided by a combination of rustic Italian beauty and classic American luxury.

Antico Setificio Fiorentino (Via L. Bartolini 4) Florence has famously produced silk for centuries. This friendly shop supplies exquisite silks still made on original looms and according to traditional Florentine techniques. Open by appointment Monday to Friday 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm

When you think of big name shopping in Italy the likes of Rome and Milan immediately spring to mind, however Florence can really hold it's own when it comes to both luxury labels and vintage finds!

We have made the decision to only attending Pure as of now. We have attended other trade shows in the past; however, we are thrilled and very focused on the European market, especially London. Our brand has a European sophistication and we feel that Pure London is a good fit for us due to its great reputation in the European market place.

Flavours offer Italian cooking holidays, painting holidays and Pilates holidays in Florence, for more details visit our website.

Filistrucchi (Via Giuseppe Verdi 9) A wig shop patronised by a plethora of worldwide stars (on a strictly hush hush basis) you will be astounded by the range of human hair wigs and beards,The Road to Mystery Shopping - Ethical Market Research Pays Well_53666.. This shop also stocks a range of props for private and commercial use in film - you just might recognise some of them!

Madova (Via de,cheap louis vuitton hat,Nowadays, Guiciardini 1r) This cute shop may only sell gloves, but what gloves they are! Every style and every colour is available, all in sumptuous leather, with luxurious linings of silk, lambs wool or cashmere,louis vuitton sunglasses sale.

Giulio Giannini &,louis vuitton sunglasses for men; Figlio (Piazza de' Pitti 37r) Florence is famous for marbled paper, Giannini has been making distinctive designs since 1856. It comes in sheets, covers, books, frames, bookplates and plenty of other stationery items.

It may be easy to pick up the latest off the catwalk looks from Italian heavyweights such as Gucci and Prada yet one of the city's best retail pleasures is stumbling across it's little-known traditional shops from centuries old pharmacies to historic gems selling sumptuous silk to hand marbled paper. Below is a list of some of the quirkiest and cutest boutiques you can find on those criss-crossing Renaissance streets,monogram vernis louis vuitton!

Fonte dei Dolci (Via Nazionale 120-122r) If you have a sweet tooth - this one is for you,Choosing for Compatibility! Established in 1954, this is the Florentines' first port of call for sweets and chocolates,Cheap louis vuitton epi leather.

The combination of Italian heritage and American influence makes our brand very cosmopolitan. What sets Danilo apart from other designers is his attention to detail. He works closely with his pattern makers and pays attention to each piece to ensure that they are all flawless. Each piece is completed in muslin first until it's perfected. The result is beautiful, timeless designs for women that allow them to feel elegant and confident.

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